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* Please register for the classes. Simply text or call (min of 2 hrs before class please). See details below.


*AHA Group Guided Meditation –6-WK COURSE. Open the heart, expand awareness, calm and quiet the mind, and savor the present moment with this lovely guided group meditation. Supports all spiritual paths and belief systems. NADINE. Contact KELLY at

251-753-1937 to register.



*AHA Qigong – FRI, 2x MONTH; SAT, MONTHLY. Learn the ancient Chinese healing art combining slow, repetitive movements with breathing techniques and meditation to promote balance and well-being. Includes basic eight silk brocade movements and balance-walking meditation. Beginner-friendly. JAIME. Contact JAIME at 251-209-3714 to register.



*AHA Supervised Student Massage & Reiki Clinic – BI-MONTHLY. 4:30pm, 5:45pm, 7pm appointments. This school-supervised internship provides the opportunity for student practitioners to work with clients in a professional setting and for clients to receive quality, full-length healing treatments at a great value. By appointment only. $25 for full-body massage and/or Reiki session. Contact KELLY at 251-753-1937 or to schedule.

Call Now: 251-753-1937

Lift your spirits and attain inner peace

Choose from morning, afternoon,

or evening classes.

Register for a class.

Alabama Healing Arts - Massage and Yoga | Mobile, AL ornament lining2 Yoga session

De-stress, strengthen and align with yoga

We will provide the mats, chairs, blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps. Our detailed instruction combines traditional foundations and eclectic elements to increase your body awareness and ensure proper body alignment and safety.


We can adapt your private session to your needs. We'll work with your specific condition, help you reach a unique goal or to fulfill your personal desire to deepen your experience of yoga.


Group Sessions:

Individual class - $10

12-class pas- $100


Private Sessions:

1 session (60 minutes) - $65

4 sessions - $200

6 sessions - $300


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Receive the healing benefits of massage

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De-stress, strengthen and align with yoga

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Balance your body's energy with Reiki

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Transform with holistic counseling

FREE initial consultation


Calm your mind with meditation


Put your best face forward


Eliminate toxins with nutritional solutions

Interested in a convenient, cost-effective nutritional solution for managing stress, losing or maintaining your weight, healthy aging, and/or improving your overall health and wellness from the cellular level? The saying goes that "you are what you eat"--why not choose to be healthy, radiant, energetic, mentally strong, and feeling fabulous.  Just ask how...

Balance your body’s energy with Reiki

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient Japanese form of energy work that promotes balance and well-being. Because it speeds the healing process, it is a perfect adjunct to massage or any health care program


Professional Sessions:

1 session (60 minutes) - $65

4 sessions - $200

6 sessions- $300

3 distance sessions (90 minutes) $95